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Fetish News

HNR Brazil Final

Fetish Fashion in Brazil

We here at Honour are lucky enough to get to speak to interesting people from all over the world, who love all things Fetish and … [Read More...]

Union Jack2

Vote Honour, for an ‘Honourable Government!’

With the upcoming election on the horizon, we thought we’d put our name into the hat for consideration! We hope to strive for a … [Read More...]

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Singles Facebook Image

How to Find the Perfect Toy

Unlike finding your dream husband or wife, finding your dream vibrator is actually possible. Luckily, we're experts on the matter, … [Read More...]


Latex Care – How To Care For Latex Clothing

Latex Care, Latex Storage and More...   Best of 2014. Starting our reprise of the Years best Blog Posts with this … [Read More...]

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Honour News

Union Jack2

Vote Honour, for an ‘Honourable Government!’

With the upcoming election on the horizon, we thought we’d put our name into the hat for consideration! We hope to strive for a better Government … [Read More...]

which prick are you voting for?

Loving Politics

With the UK General Elections less than 24hrs away, we've found a post that applied to both Dildos and Politics on imgur, it tickled our fancy so … [Read More...]

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Offers and Competitions


Valentine’s Guess How Many Condoms in the Jar Competition

How many do you think there are? Enter our Facebook competition here Bedroom essentials of every variety, guess how many … [Read More...]

Bra and Panty Set

Foreplay: Lingerie Sale

Foreplay Amazing Lingerie Offers in Anticipation for Valentine's Lingerie in all its fantasy forms is going to get … [Read More...]

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Image-FACEBOOK-Relationship Game

This Game Helps Build Relationships

This Game Helps Build Relationships Hundreds of options are espoused to couples seeking that way to keep their relationship fit and healthy, and by now we've pretty much heard them all, until today!  Weekend breaks to Sienna, picnics in the woods, yoga classes and regular sex are now familiar fixes, but this new game mixes the youthful jubilance of game-playing glee with mature and exploratory sexuality. You Recapture a Sense of Youth Mixing childlike anticipation with the fun … [Read More...]


Fifty Days of Play – Game Review

James's review of the game Fifty Days of Play, he played with his partner Annie and talks us through how to enjoy it best as a couple. There's no feeling quite like a board game, in this line of work we're used to the comforting waft of latex and the scent of freshly-bought leather. But that new board game smell took us a little aback as it reminded us of childhood playtime, but this one takes the game “Frustration” to whole new heights. Firstly, this roleplay game is perfect … [Read More...]


Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Review

Have You Seen the Average Hollywood Romance? Then You've Seen Fifty Shades. Honour's Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Review The average person is all set to condemn Fifty Shades of Grey, and since we've been to see it, people have resoundingly asked “How was it? I've heard it's terrible.” And in a way, they're right, it is terrible, however the same could be said of almost any Hollywood adaptation of any romantic story, particularly those based on books. Cinematically, it was quite … [Read More...]

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