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In their kinkiest broadcast yet, Celebrity Big Brother challenged their naughty contestants to strut their stuff in gorgeous PVC outfits supplied by yours truly. They even pole danced to show off their sexy moves and our sexy attire. Dressed head to toe in luscious PVC, the kinky celebs sported tiny boned corsets, saucy, little hot pants and even sequinned, black pants, displaying that no matter what age or size you are, this fashion style can turn you from sloppy to sexy in just seconds.

To celebrate this Celebrity outburst, anyone who purchases any item from the Celebrity Big Brother collection can add a FREE PVC BLINDFOLD (H1090) to their basket. If your Order exceeds £15, you will can also add an additional set of FREE PVC CUFFS (H1104).

Want to see some photos and videos of the action? Check the article on our blog

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